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Tonic Studios Tangerine Die Cutting Machine and Plates Set

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The new Tangerine Die Cutting Machine is a durable, long lasting and with all metal parts its nothing to be sniffed at. We aim to give the best cut possible by using equal pressure across the roller there wont be any weak pressure points. With this being made of all metal parts to try and avoid any wear and tear of the machine it also comes as a bulky machine weighing in just under 9kg. In this set you don't have to worry about buying any additional plates or mats everything you need comes with it so your ready to start crafting form the moment you receive your machine. This is a A4 die cutting machines and all of our dies will fit through this machine without any issues.

Each Machine comes with: A Handle, Set of Instructions on Plate Combinations, Raspberry Colored Embossing Folder Plate, Green Colored Die Embossing Plate, White Colored Top Plate, Orange Colored Die Cutting Plate.

Please note that we are only able to send this item to addresses on the British mainland.

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