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Sakura Zentangle Pigma Micron 12 Piece Tool Set - Was £14.99

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The ultimate starter set features a total of five pens filled with luscious Pigma ink. Included are an 01, 03, 05, 08, and a Graphic 1. This set is complete with Original Zentangle tiles, a graphite pencil for creating strings and shades of gray, and a tortillion to buff out your added graphite. With this set you are sure to get lost in the world of creating beautiful, non-representational art using the Zentangle Method.
Zentangle: the relaxing hobby trend of the moment

Discover the relaxing power of drawing with Zentangle! Coming from The United States, more and more people from Europe are embracing this popular new hobby trend. By drawing structured patterns you can easily create your own amazing piece of art. It looks hard, but its easy-to-learn. You can do this!
Zentangle, how do you start?

Lets start! Sakura has developed seven exclusive Zentangle Tool Sets which got all materials needed to get started. These Tool Sets include Pigma Micron fine liners in various point sizes, Tiles (the finest kind of artists' paper of 9 x 9 cm, with a soft cotton texture), a graphite pencil and a tortilon. There are also special Zentangle Tool Sets with black Tiles and white Sakura Gelly Roll pens. With these sets you can create with the same Tangles (patterns) an amazing opposite effect.
1. With your pencil, place four dots near the corners of your Tile. In this way your Tile doesnt look empty anymore and you dont have to be afraid to get started.
2. With your pencil, draw a line between the dots to form a border. Tip: you can make straight or curly lines, whatever you like , to give the border a personal touch.
3. With your pencil you will divide your square into different sections. Make lines from one side of your square to the other. Repeat this in order to get different sections. The lines can cross each other and again can be made straight or curly. Just do what you like!
4. Take your Sakura Pigma Micron and choose one a section. Maybe you have 4, 8 or even 12 sections? Each section will be filled with a different Tangle (pattern). Each Tangle is a combination: a dot, a straight line, a point, a bended line or a S shaped line. With these five basic strokes you can create everything! How easy is that?
5. Each section is now filled with a structured pattern. It looks fascinating, right? With your pencil and tortillon you can add shades of grey to create contrast and dimension. It looks like your piece of art comes off the Tile!
6. Almost ready, just sign the front and date the back. Look at your Tangle and allow yourself to admire it while turning this way and that.
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